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Wooden Utility Poles, Your Biggest Opportunity

Significantly Reduce Your Costs & Improve Network Safety & Reliability With Polesaver Sleeves

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Covid-19 Update: We are manufacturing, supplying and working as normal

Short & Long Term Cost Reductions

Polesaver is the lowest cost pole option. It significantly reduces pole maintenance and replacement costs.

Improve Safety & Reliability

Polesaver improves the safety and reliability of your network making it safer for your staff and the public.


Reduced Environmental Impact

Polesaver reduces your environmental impact by lowering pole replacement requirements.

Polesaver: The Lowest Cost Pole Option

$35 million lifetime cost saving

($714,000 per year – per 1000 miles of network)

Polesaver sleeves are low in cost. They significantly reduce short term maintenance and long term pole replacement costs giving you the lowest cost pole option available with an expected pole life of 50 years or more.

Decay at the critical ground-line section of wooden poles is the largest cause of pole failure and the highest cost for many utilities. Unlike wood preservatives, proven and tested Polesaver sleeves make conventional ground-line decay impossible.

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Annual Pole Cost (Per 10,000 Poles)

Polesaver cost benefit graph - Unite States

Comparison of annualised pole costs for different pole materials including purchase, installation, inspection and maintenance costs

Polesaver Improves Network Safety & Reliability

While wooden poles are a proven and cost-effective means of supporting overhead lines, they are the only “non-engineered” component used in power distribution.

They are made from natural materials and rely on preservatives for protection from decay (partial protection). Over time preservatives lose effectiveness due to leaching and oxidation, ultimately leading to a ground line decay and loss of strength. Combined with variations in ground conditions, it is easy to see why wooden pole life often varies.

These variables mean wooden poles require regular inspection, testing and often replacement as they age.

The use of a Polesaver ground-line sleeves provides a total barrier to the causes of ground-line decay. This barrier maximises pole life while preventing loss of strength over time, ensuring improved safety for staff who climb poles and members of the public.


Polesaver Reduces Your Environmental Impact

Polesaver reduces your environmental impact by reducing the loss of wood preservatives and pole replacement rates.

Longer wooden utility pole life and reducing the need to replace poles helps reduce your CO2 output and environmental impact.

With environmental targets becoming of increasing importance, Polesaver can help your utility company meet these targets.


Polesaver Reduces Your Environmental Impact

Polesaver’s products help to extend the life of wooden poles. 

Longer wooden utility pole life helps reduce your CO2 output and environmental impact by reducing the need to replace poles.

With environmental targets becoming of increasing importance, Polesaver can help your utility company meet these targets.

How Does Polesaver Achieve These Benefits?

Our products are the key to reducing your costs and environmental impact while also improving your network’s safety and reliability

Polessaver Sleeved Utility Pole In field


Polesaver Sleeves

Polesaver ground-line barrier sleeves are a dual-layer, high-performance sleeve that prevents ground rot in wooden utility poles. Polesaver Sleeves are guaranteed for 50 years.

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Polesaver Fire Fabric

Polesaver Fire Fabric is a specially developed, high-performance fire fabric that effectively protects wooden utility poles from low-level, crop, grass and bush fires.

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Polesaver fire fabric shown on a wooden utility pole in field

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Why Polesaver?

Polesaver has been making patented ground-line barrier sleeves for over 25 years. Trusted by utility companies worldwide, we have supplied over 7 million sleeves in active service.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and support for both new and existing customers. We are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and have strict quality control throughout our product range, giving you the best possible products and solutions for extending the life of your pole stock.

As a company, we have a wealth of experience in the industry and possess all the expertise required to help your utility company reduce its costs and environmental impact.

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