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Why Choose Polesaver?

We support utility companies with the tools they need to help reduce their costs and environmental impact

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7+ Million Sleeves Sold

Polesaver has been in business for over 26 years

Since 1994


30+ Countries Worldwide

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Why Polesaver?

Founded over 25 years ago, Polesaver produced the first ground-line barrier sleeve protection system in 1994. Since then, we have become the largest manufacturer of ground-line barrier sleeves in the world, providing proven products to over 30 countries.

Over 7 million sleeves later, Polesaver has helped utility companies all over the world reduce their costs and environmental impact.

Polesaver is relied upon by utilities across the globe to protect their wooden poles from decay and fire damage. Our products reduce costs and improve network safety & reliability whilst also significantly reducing utility companies environmental impact and CO² emissions.

Proven in volume, long term use, our products allow the continued use of wooden poles in the face of ever-changing wood preservative legislation.

We believe in offering the highest level of quality, service and support to all our customers. Backed up by a policy of continual reinvestment and ISO 9001 accreditation, our standards are upheld and maintained to make sure that utilities can always rely on Polesaver.

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ISO 9001:2015 badge showing that Polesaver is a ISO9001 certified manufacturer of wood life extension products

Polesaver is a ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer

Badge showing that Polesaver Meets standards set by the AWPA

Our Products Meet AWPA Standards

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Our Vision

Our vision is to play a vital role in enhancing utility networks worldwide. Our aim is to help create cost-effective and safer networks while also significantly reducing utility companies environmental impact. We accomplish this by providing utility companies with the tools they need to achieve this.

Our Mission 

Polesavers mission is to support utility companies by offering tested and proven solutions that enable them to save costs and reduce their environmental impact whilst also improving network safety and reliability.

Polesaver’s History


Postsaver Ltd formed by Richard and Jim George bringing fifteen years experience in development and manufacture of wood/thermoplastic composite products. First sleeve products developed, with both partial and composite full barrier products tested. Partial barrier rejected early on due to wet band issues at the top of the sleeve.


First composite sleeves manufactured and applied to posts. Production and sales licensed to British Polythene, the industry’s largest manufacturer of film products in Europe. Large scale production plant commissioned and sales progressed, sleeve application machines developed in conjunction with Stenner.


Accelerated fungal testing commissioned with Building Research establishment, excellent results, zero decay and low moisture content in upper part of the sleeve confirming initial test results


First USA distributor signed, sleeves supplied for use on for fence posts, fruit supports and large section untreated structural wooden supports for pole buildings


Large heavy-duty sleeves developed to protect wooden utility poles


Sales continue to grow in both UK and export markets, hit 1 million units in service


Development programme initiated to produce a torch on product for easy, low-cost application


Initial tape jointed version of Polesaver developed to overcome problems of sleeve application to poles with “Elephants foot”


British Polythene industries subject to hostile takeover bid leading to divestment of non-core activities. Postsaver/Polesaver taken over by original founders Jim and Richard George, manufacturing and large lot production moved to Wakefield plant, sales and small lot distribution from new premises in Gloucestershire


Development of cost-effective fire protection system for protection of poles exposed to repeated bush fires


Fire protection fabric launched following successful large scale customer trials


Following customer demand Polesaver launched with unique electronic serial number embedded in the sleeve using radio frequency identification tag (RFID) to allow easy asset tracking and management.


Independent field test data confirms effectiveness of Polesaver in preventing ground line decay.


As a result of continual development and improvement in film materials and coating allow us to offer Polesaver sleeves with 50 year guarantee


ISO9001 certification achieved


Following customer requests for flame-free sleeve application, we have launched two new application devices. The Polesaver Hand Electric Sleeve Application Unit, which can be powered from a 3kW lorry mounted inverter power supply for field application, and the Polesaver Electric Pole Yard Application Machine for use in the pole yard.

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