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Why Choose Polesaver?

We believe great results come from great partnerships. We work with utility companies to help them reduce costs while simultaneously increasing network/grid resilience and reaching CSR goals.

Why Polesaver?

Polesaver pioneered the world’s first dual-layer, ground-line barrier sleeve in 1994. Since then, we have become the largest manufacturer of ground-line barrier sleeves in the world, providing proven utility pole protection in over 35 countries worldwide.

Million’s of sleeves later, Polesaver has partnered with utility companies globally to reduce their costs, increase safety and network resilience all while simultaneously helping them achieve their CSR objectives.

Polesaver is relied upon by utilities across the globe to protect their wooden poles from decay and fire damage. Proven in volume, long term use, our products allow the continued use of wooden poles in the face of ever-changing wood preservative legislation.

We believe in offering the highest level of quality, service and support to all our customers. Backed up by a policy of continual reinvestment and ISO 9001 accreditation, our standards are upheld and maintained to make sure that utility companies can always rely on Polesaver to maximise their utility pole’s lifespan.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company


Meets The Requirements Of A.W.P.A. P20-18 
BP1 Barrier Products

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Tested to BSI EN252:2014 Standards


Polesaver’s mission is to support utility companies by offering tested and proven solutions that enable them to reduce their utility pole costs while simultaneously improving network/grid resilience, safety and helping them meet CSR objectives.


Green handshake image demonstrating one of Polesaver's core values, great partnerships

Great Partnerships

We believe great success is built on great long-term partnerships

Proven Products

It is integral to us that we only provide proven and tested products

Personal Service

Whatever your company size, our service is always personal


At Polesaver we believe in building mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with all of our customers, ensuring they receive the training and support they need to get the very best from Polesaver products

Building a prosperous ongoing relationship with utilities is very important to us as your success is our success. We are here to support your needs in getting the most out of your pole stock.

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A selection of utilities we partner with

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We believe in only providing the very best, proven products for your utility poles. Through extensive real-world and independent testing we make sure all of our products are thoroughly tested prior to sale.

We work with independent bodies such as the BRE, AWPA, EN & ISO to ensure that our products are proven to perform as you’d expect them too.

BRE, Europe’s largest timber test organisation


Our dedicated team is here to help and support you with increasing your pole life by +20 years from the start regardless of wood preservative used

Richard George - Polesaver CEO

Richard George


Andrew Scarrott - Polesaver Head Of Sales & Marketing

Andrew Scarrott

Global Head of Sales & Marketing

Andrew Scarrott - Polesaver Head Of Sales & Marketing

Andrew Scarrott

Africa Sales

Wes Wolfert

Wes Wolfert

OSP Specialties – USA and Caribbean – Telecoms RSM

Peter Williams - Polesaver Head Of Sales

Peter Williams

Tom Young

Tom Young

Technical Support – Utility Sales Associates Inc

Ole Kristian Solberg

Regional Sales Manager – Nordics

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We created our first barrier sleeve over 27 years ago, we haven’t stopped innovating since.

ENEO's Sleeved Wooden Utility Poles



Where We Began

First Product Launched

Postsaver Ltd formed by Richard and Jim George bringing fifteen years experience in development and manufacture of wood/thermoplastic composite products. First sleeve products developed, with both partial and composite full barrier products tested. Partial barrier rejected early on due to wet band issues at the top of the sleeve.



1 Million Sleeves Sold

Sales continue to grow in both UK and export markets, hit 1 million units in service



Fire Protection Fabric Launched

Fire protection fabric launched following successful large scale customer trials


Product Development

RFID Tag Introduced

Following customer demand Polesaver launched with unique electronic serial number embedded in the sleeve using radio frequency identification tag (RFID) to allow easy asset tracking and management.



Used In 30+ Countries Worldwide

Polesaver is now specified as standard fit by utility companies worldwide, helping to achieve fantastic results for all of our customers.


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