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Polesaver Termi-Guard

Save time, cost and  CO₂ by shielding your wooden utility poles from subterranean termite attack with Termi-Guard


Polesaver Termi-Guard is a marine-grade, stainless steel mesh sock that protects the subterranean section of a wooden utility pole against termite attack

Polesaver Termi-Guard being applied to a wooden utility pole

Termite Proof

Termi-Guard’s fine wire mesh is specially designed and tested to ensure termites are kept out of your pole

Easy Installation

Installation is as simple as sliding the product onto the pole and securing in place with a circular clip

Ground-Contact Safe

Stainless steel is a stable, long-lasting material that doesn’t release contaminates into the soil and is safe for use in ground-contact 

Substantial Cost Savings

By hardening your poles and grid with Termi-Guard, you’ll save significant costs associated with having to replace damaged poles due to termites



Advanced Barrier Technology

Termi-Guard is engineered to create an impenetrable barrier against subterranean termites. Its innovative fine mesh design effectively blocks termite entry points, safeguarding structures from infestation.

Long Lasting Protection

Unlike traditional termite barriers that degrade over time, Termi-Guard is engineered using 316 (marine grade) stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional strength. This grade of stainless steel contains higher levels of chromium, molybdenum and nickel and offers excellent corrosion resistance. Once installed, it provides continuous protection for decades, offering peace of mind for utilities.

Environmentally Friendly

Committed to sustainability, Polesaver has developed Termi-Guard with environmentally friendly materials, ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystem. It is safe for use in ground contact, making it an ideal product to meet environmental CSR targets. 

Cost Effective Termite Prevention

Termi-Guard is cost effective to purchase and install and represents a significant long-term saving on pole inspection and replacement, upholding the reliability of the grid for generations to come


Termi-Guard offers easy installation and universal fit, accommodating the majority of pole sizes. The standard size fits up to 35cm (14 inches) in diameter, covering around 90% of commonly used poles. Customisation options include extra-wide sleeves for specific post diameters upon request, ensuring a solution for all post sizes and dimensions.

Polesaver Termi-Guard installation

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