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Polesaver Fire Fabric Protects Utility Poles From Bush & Wild Fires

Polesaver fire fabric is highly effective barrier, protecting utility poles against bush, crop, grass and wild fire damage

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Polesaver fire fabric shown on a wooden utility pole in field

Polesaver Fire Fabric = Effective Barrier

Polesaver Fire Fabric effectively protects your poles, reducing outages, safety risks and costly pole failures and replacements

Cost Effective

Polesaver Fire Fabric is a low cost way of protecting your utility poles from low-level bush, crop and grass fires

Easy To Apply

Polesaver Fire Fabric is quickly and easily applied to poles by simply wrapping around the pole and stapling in place



Polesaver Fire Fabric Shown On A Roll

What Is Polesaver Fire Fabric?

Polesaver fire protection fabric has been specially developed to protect utility poles from bush, crop, grass and wild fires. The high quality fabric is supplied on 1.2 metre wide rolls and can be overlapped vertically on the pole to cover any required height.

In Detail

  • Wooden utility poles tend to be damaged when exposed to bush, brush, forest and wild fires.

  • In the extreme, this can lead to total failure of the pole leading to outages and the requirement to undertake costly pole replacement.

  • This problem is more likely on wooden poles treated with copper-based wood preservatives such as CCA etc.

  • In this case, it is well known that the copper oxides can sustain smouldering and “glow” combustion long after the initial fire has passed. This effect is most pronounced in windy conditions.

  • In use, the fire fabric reduces heat input to the pole surface when exposed to wild fires and significantly limits wind/oxygen/airflow exposure that is required to sustain smouldering.

Benefits Of Using Polesaver Fire Fabric

Polesaver Fire Fabric has many benefits and is suitable for use in a wide vareity of countries and climates

Proven Effectiveness

Highly effective and proven in volume use. Independantly tested by a major African Utility company (Test Report Available)

Long lasting Protection

Polesaver fire fabric is highly UV stable and weatherproof, providing effective long-term protection

Polesaver Fire Fabric Shown On A Roll

Substantial cost savings

Our cost effective fire fabric gives substantial cost savings by significantly reducing the need to replace poles after wild fires and bush fires

Tough & Durable

Withstands multiple fires without requiring replacement

Why Choose Polesaver?

Polesaver has sold over 4 million sleeves to 30 customers in over 30 countries worldwide

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