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Covid-19: We are manufacturing, working and supplying as normal in-line with government guidelines


Export & Supply Experts

At Polesaver we have a network of distributors across the globe, ready to help get our products to you quickly and efficiently.

With a wealth of experience in exporting, our team is very well-equipped to supply you in whatever quantities you require.

Express Air Freight Service

For products needed immediately, we offer an air freight service for an extra cost. Depending on location we can get stock to you normally within 3-4 days of ordering.

Standard Shipping Service

For large quantities, we ship orders in either 20′ or 40′ containers. We can pack up to 15,400 sleeves in a 20′ container or 33,600 sleeves in a 40′ container. For smaller numbers, we also ship in pallet lots of up to 1,400 sleeves per pallet.


How Do We Support our customers?

We have two warehouse and distribution facilities in the UK catering for all order sizes. We are always able to meet your requirements, no matter how big or small your order.

With extensive team experience in exporting goods every day by sea, air and road freight, we are ideally equipped to ensure all orders are packed correctly, quickly and delivered on time.

We can accept orders via EDI if required and pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of service and support.

Image showing Polesaver Container options, 40 foot & 20 foot

Fully Insured

All our orders are fully insured to make sure that should anything happen between dispatch and delivery; you are protected.

Full Supply Chain Management

We offer full supply chain management to all of our customers, ensuring you are never without product or stock

EDI Stock Reordering

Polesaver has EDI capabilities and is happy to receive automatic orders via EDI on your behalf

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