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3 Entertaining Utility Pole Life Extension Examples

Three Examples of DIY Utility Pole Life Extension

Over the years we have witnessed the quite astonishing lengths people will go to keep utility poles standing. In some cases, private users are responsible for maintaining poles. As a result, these private landowners look for the cheapest way to prevent having to replace the pole.

These photographs below show some of the many techniques used, sometimes dangerous and almost always unsightly!

We have seen quite a variety of techniques used. These include:

  • New poles to prop up failed utility poles
  • Fence posts inserted in the ground around the pole and then strapped to the pole
  • Metal stays bolted to a nearby wall

However, the most common method is splitting 45 gallon barrels.

These 45-gallon barrels are used by placing them around the pole and then filling them with concrete. With nothing in the ground, this relies on the weight of the concrete to keep the pole standing. This is an expensive and time-consuming process!

These types of repairs generally occur where the householder or property owner is responsible for the poles on their land. Refusing to pay the utility provider the cost of replacing the pole, leads them to resort to any number of methods to save money and keep the pole standing.

Looking for a low cost, proven and effective way of extending your wooden utility pole stocks life? Learn more about Polesaver Sleeves below.

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Polesaver Sleeve shown applied to a pole in the ground

Polesaver Sleeve

Polesaver protection sleeves prevent ground rot in wood utility poles and increase pole life by +20 years from the start, regardless of wood preservative type.

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Polesaver Sleeve shown applied to a pole in the ground

Polesaver Sleeve

Polesaver ground-line barrier sleeves are a dual-layer, high-performance sleeve that prevents ground rot in wooden utility poles and gives an expected utility pole life of 50 years.

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