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Challenging African Ground Conditions

Ground conditions in many parts of Africa are a test for even the best wooden poles. In some cases, utilities are seeing pole failures in under 5 years. 

As a result, many utilities are looking at alternative materials such as concrete, steel and composites.
One major African utility has already started to use concrete poles in place of wood. Problems with weight, the need for costly on-site handling equipment and higher costs led the company to contact Polesaver.

Polesaver gave an onsite presentation and demonstration with power company and trained staff on how to apply sleeves themselves. It became clear that the use of Polesaver offers an effective and cost-effective means of bringing the performance of wooden poles in line with concrete poles but at a much lower cost.

Another serious consideration for the power company is the environmental impact of the products they use. In this respect, wooden pole with sleeves offer a solution with less than one quarter the environmental impact of concrete and steel alternatives.

The power company are currently looking to include Polesaver in their forthcoming standard for utility poles.

Richard George

Richard is the founder and CEO of Polesaver. With over 26 years of experience in developing and testing Polesaver products, Richard is an expert when it comes to wood preservation.

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