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Polesaver Expands Into North America

North American operation now established

With the growing demand for Polesaver products, we have recently set up a dedicated USA based office to service the USA and Canadian markets. Our team comprises of technical support with both Electric and Telecommunications Utility experience.

We are now working with an ever-expanding number of field sales engineers across the USA and Canada to promote the benefits of using Polesaver products to utilities and provide full on the ground support and training.

Polesaver increases the life of a new wood utility pole from the start by 20 years regardless of the wood preservative used and assists North American utilities to reduce operating costs.

Using Polesaver protection sleeves to increase pole life, improve grid hardening and safety is now being considered by many North American utilities to help reduce costs.
Get in touch if you’d like to talk to a member of the team about how we can help your utility.

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Polesaver Sleeve shown applied to a pole in the ground

Polesaver Sleeve

Polesaver protection sleeves prevent ground rot in wood utility poles and increase pole life by +20 years from the start, regardless of wood preservative type.

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Polesaver Sleeve shown applied to a pole in the ground

Polesaver Sleeve

Polesaver ground-line barrier sleeves are a dual-layer, high-performance sleeve that prevents ground rot in wooden utility poles and gives an expected utility pole life of 50 years.

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Request +20 Protection demo

+20 Protection Demonstration

With North American representatives now available, we are on-hand to demonstrate our +20 Protection products in person and show you how your utility can benefit from increased pole life.

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Richard George

Richard is the founder and CEO of Polesaver. With over 26 years of experience in developing and testing Polesaver products, Richard is an expert when it comes to wood preservation.

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