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Reduction In Toxicity Gives Creosote A Life Extension

Creosote Utility Poles a Mainstay For Utility Companies Worldwide

Creosoted poles are a long-lasting mainstay for power distribution & telecoms around the world.

To help reduce the environmental impact of using preservatives such as creosote, a number of Northern European and African utilities are now using Polesaver sleeves to reduce Creosote loss to the ground. Polesaver sleeves also give extra protection to the ground line section of the pole preventing premature pole failures due to ground and core rot.

Wood preservatives such as creosote, pentachlorophenol, C.C.A or water-based copper preservative loose effectiveness over time due to leaching and oxidation. This leads to a reduction in toxicity normally caused by the wetting and drying of the wood between seasons. The moisture acts as a carrier for the preservatives, removing it from the pole over time.

Polesaver prevents this due to the air and water tight seal formed around the wood when the sleeve is applied. Our sleeves have been rigorously tested for long term exposure to all types of wood preservative including creosote, with excellent results.

Learn more about Polesaver Sleeves below

Learn More About Polesaver Sleeves

Richard George

Richard is the founder and CEO of Polesaver. With over 26 years of experience in developing and testing Polesaver products, Richard is an expert when it comes to wood preservation.

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