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Reinventing The Wooden Utility Pole

Polesaver barrier sleeves transform the performance of wooden utility poles

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Polesaver Sleeve shown on a wooden utility pole

Reduce Your Costs

Improve Your Safety & Reliability


Reduce Your Environmental Impact

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Polesaver supports utility companies with the products they need to help reduce their costs and environmental impact

Our Products significantly reduce costs, improve network safety and reliability whilst also dramatically reducing your environmental impact.

With over 7 million sleeves in service, our patented products are proven and trusted by utility companies to extend the life of wooden utility poles in over 30 countries worldwide.

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7+ Million Sleeves Sold

Since 1994

Global Business, Personal Service


30+ Countries Worldwide


4+ Million Sleeves Sold

Since 1994


35+ Countries Worldwide

Our Company

We started making our products over 26 years ago and have been producing relvolutionary wooden pole protection products ever since.

With over 26 years in business, Polesaver is now relied upon by utility companies worldwide to help reduce costs and environmental impact.

We pride ourself on excellent customer service, backed up by very high internal and external standards, including ISO 9001 accreditation.

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