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When One Pole Fails, It’s Just The Start

Avoid the cost and environmental impact of replacing poles with Polesaver

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With Polesaver, Wooden Poles Are No Longer The Weak Link In Your Network

Transformers like switchgear, insulators and cables are trouble-free and reliable; they go on for decades with minimal maintenance working reliably day in, day out.

Wooden poles suffer from decay, require regular inspection and maintenance, pose a safety risk to those who have to climb them and can let you down in bad weather.

Combined with the high costs associated with pole inspection, maintenance and replacement, it is easy to see why wooden poles are one of the highest single costs for most utility companies.

Image of electricity substation showing transformer and power distribution network

Polesaver protection ensures wooden utility poles perform like the rest of your network; long-lasting and reliably.

Increased Utility Pole Lifespan

Polesaver dramatically extends utility pole life. Polesaver protected poles are guaranteed for 50 years.

Reduction In Replacement Costs

Polesaver saves your utility company time and money from having to replace failed and fallen wooden utility poles.

Improved Safety & Reliability

Polesaver improves the safety and reliability of your network making it safer for your staff and the general public.

Polesaver Sleeves Are Proven To Ensure Long-Life, Trouble-Free Utility Poles

How do Polesaver Sleeves Work?

Polesaver Sleeves work by using a dual-layer barrier system to exclude all the factors required for ground-line decay.

The sleeve consists of a tough outer thermoplastic layer, coated with a meltable, inner bituminous sealant. When the sleeve is heated, the liner melts, and the outer sleeve shrinks down onto the pole creating a robust, long-lasting air and watertight seal to the pole surface around the critical ground-line section of the pole.

This seal creates a TOTAL and permanent barrier to ALL of the factors required for decay to occur. The seal makes conventional ground line decay impossible, preventing low-level decay that can start to weaken your poles after as little as ten years.

Standard poles lose strength as they decay over time. However, Polesaver Sleeves effectively prevent decay keeping your poles at full strength and extending pole life to 50 years or more.  

User Profile: Latvenergo – Latvia

Pole material: Pine

Preservative treatment: Water-Based Copper

Average pole life: 20 years (previously CCA)

Pole replacement rate: 30,000 poles per year

Reason for using Polesaver Sleeves:  Required an assured 40+ year lifespan when switching to a water-based copper preservative.

Comparison Of Partial Vs Full Barrier Sleeves

With different types of sleeves available, learn more about the difference and importance of using full barrier sleeeves

Partial Barrier Sleeve

Partial barrier sleeves are wrapped around the pole at the ground line section and are either heat shrunk, tacked in place or fixed using self-adhesive bands at the top and bottom of the sleeve to adhere to the pole surface.

Partial barrier sleeves do not seal the pole surface behind the sleeve and do not exclude all of the causes of wood decay (moisture, oxygen, nitrogen and decaying organisms). Moisture can track up behind the outer sleeve to form a damp band at the top of the sleeve where decay can start.

Full Barrier Sleeve (Polesaver)

Polesaver full barrier sleeves consist of a heat-shrinkable outer sleeve lined with a meltable bituminous thermoplastic sealant.

Polesaver sleeves are wrapped around the vulnerable ground line section of the pole and heat shrunk in place. The bituminous liner melts and seals the pole surface behind the sleeve to create an air and watertight seal that excludes all the factors necessary for wood decay to occur. The seal to the pole surface ensures moisture cannot track up behind the sleeve to form a damp band at the top of the sleeve, thus preventing decay at this point.

Lifespan & Strength Evidence

Based on independent EN252 field test data, Polesaver Sleeves are proven to maintain the pole’s strength over time.

A typical wooden pole loses strength over time and once below the 50% strength threshold; pole replacement will be required.

Polesaver Sleeves make conventional ground line decay impossible, thus ensuring that 100% of the strength of the pole is maintained over time.

Our sleeves are the only proven and independently tested the product on the market that ensures pole strength is maintained over-time at the critical ground line section.

(*based on independent EN252 field test data, full report available on request)

Polesaver + Water Based Copper Preservative

The proven alternative to Creosote

  • Expected pole life = 50+ years
  • Polesaver full barrier sleeves make conventional ground line decay impossible
  • Unlike wood preservatives and partial barrier sleeves, Polesaver provides 100% protection from ALL the causes of conventional ground-line decay
  • Significantly improves safety and network reliability
  • Proven in volume use since 1994
  • Independently tested
  • Polesaver plus available for harsh handling/ground conditions
  • Low cost

Polesaver + Water Based Copper Wood Preservative

= Long Pole Life & Low Cost

How Do Polesaver Sleeves Reduce Utility Companies Costs?

Dramatically Extends Wooden Utility Pole Life

Polesaver Sleeves are guaranteed for 50 years and proven to increase the life of your wooden pole stock dramatically, resulting in dramatically reduced pole replacement and network outage costs.

Reduces Need For Inspection + Maintenance

Polesaver Sleeves extend pole inspection intervals and eliminate the requirement for regular maintenance, saving your company time, cost and hassle.

Reduces Environmental & CO2 Impact

Unlike poles made from alternative materials such as steel, concrete and composites, using Polesaver sleeved wooden poles absorbs up to 320KG of CO2 per pole, helping your utility company reduce its environmental impact.

Polesaver Improves Network Safety & Reliability

While wooden poles are a proven and cost-effective means of supporting overhead lines, they are the only “non-engineered” component used in power distribution.

They are made from natural materials and rely on preservatives for protection from decay (partial protection). Over time preservatives lose effectiveness due to leaching and oxidation, ultimately leading to a ground line decay and loss of strength. Combined with variations in ground conditions, it is easy to see why wooden pole life often varies.

These variables mean wooden poles require regular inspection, testing and often replacement as they age.

The use of a Polesaver ground line sleeves provides a total barrier to the causes of ground-line decay. This barrier maximises pole life while preventing loss of strength over time, ensuring improved safety for staff who climb poles and members of the public.

Polesaver Reduces Your Environmental Impact

Polesaver’s products help to extend the life of wooden poles. 

Longer life wooden utility poles help reduce your CO2 output and environmental impact. With environmental targets becoming of increasing importance, Polesaver can help your utility company meet these targets.

How Do Wooden Utility Poles Compare To The Alternative Materials?

A typical wooden utility pole stores around 320kg of CO²!

Extending utility pole life naturally reduces the pole replacement rate, as well as allowing for increased inspection intervals. This reduction in pole replacement means that using Polesaver sleeves can significantly reduce your CO² emissions.

The manufacture of poles from alternative pole materials such as steel, concrete or composites generates significant amounts of CO², while not necessarily offering longer pole life than equivalent a Polesaver protected wooden pole. In terms of the lifetime cost, a Polesaver protected wooden utility pole is the lowest cost option with the lowest environmental impact of all pole materials available.

Below are some typical examples of CO² production for different pole types (full report available on request).


CO2 created per 1000 poles =

+1460 tonnes*


CO2 created per 1000 poles =

+784 tonnes*


CO2 created per 1000 poles = 

+867 tonnes*


CO2 absorbed per 1000 poles =

-316 tonnes*

*Source Conclusions and Summary Report on an Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Utility Poles Prepared by: AquAeTer, Inc

Why Polesaver?

Polesaver has been making patented ground-line barrier sleeves for over 25 years. Trusted by utility companies worldwide, we have supplied over 7 million sleeves in active service.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and support for both new and existing customers. We are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and have strict quality control throughout our product range, giving you the best possible products and solutions for extending the life of your pole stock.

As a company, we have a wealth of experience in the industry and possess all the expertise required to help your utility company reduce its costs and environmental impact.

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