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Polesaver Plus Is An Extra Layer Of Physical Protection For Sleeved Poles

Wrap and fix Polesaver Plus around the pole to maintain the effectiveness of Polesaver Sleeves during extreme transport and installation situations

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Polesaver Plus shown mounted on a wooden utility pole

Polesaver Plus = Effective Protection

Polesaver Plus is an effective barrier to the damage of Polesaver Sleeves from severe loading and unloading environments

60 Year Guarantee

An increase in protection allows us to offer an enhanced sleeve guarantee of 60 years when using Polesaver plus

Easy To Apply

Polesaver Plus is simple, quick and easy to apply. It remains on the pole for the duration of the pole life.

Polesaver Plus shown mounted on a wooden utility pole

What Is Polesaver Plus?

Sometimes under severe conditions, it’s not possible to prevent sleeve damage during extreme handling, transit or use.

For example, when poles are loaded and unloaded multiple times before installation, or when using stones and rocks to set the pole in place during the installation process.

Polesaver Plus provides a simple and highly cost-effective solution to preventing damage of Polesaver Sleeves during transit and installation. 

Benefits Of Using Polesaver Plus

Polesaver Plus has many benefits and is ideally suited for use in severe sleeved pole handling conditions

Full Effectivness

Ensures each sleeve applied maintains its full effectiveness

Long-lasting Protection

Polesaver Plus is UV stable and weatherproof; it remains on the pole throughout its life

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60 Year Guarantee

Polesaver Plus increases our sleeve guarantee by ten years due to the extra protection it provides.

Reduces Risk

Polesaver Plus eliminates any risk of sleeve damage before Installation, maximising Polesaver Sleeves effectiveness

Polesaver Plus shown mounted on a wooden utility pole

Why Choose Polesaver?

Polesaver has sold over 7 million sleeves to 35 customers in over 30 countries worldwide

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