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Polesaver Plus

Polesaver Plus is an additional layer of protection for use with Polesaver barrier sleeves during extreme transit and handling environments.

What Is Polesaver PLUS?

Sometimes its not possible to prevent sleeve damage during handling, transit or use. In these cases, Polesaver Plus provides Polesaver Sleeved poles with the extra protection needed to maintain their benefits.

Why Use Polesaver Plus?

  1. Sometimes under severe conditions, it’s not possible to prevent sleeve damage during extreme handling, transit or use.

  2. For example, when poles are loaded and unloaded multiple times before installation, or when using stones and rocks to set the pole in place during the installation process.

  3. Polesaver Plus provides a simple and highly cost-effective solution to preventing damage of Polesaver Sleeves during transit and installation in extreme environments



Apply Polesaver Fire Fabric in minutes

Apply In Minutes

Easily and quickly apply Polesaver Plus just after sleeve application, all you need is a hammer stapler to tack the protective shield over the top of the sleeve.

Protect your wooden utility poles

Protect Your Poles

Polesaver Plus is an incredibly tough shield that is highly resistant to impact, meaning your sleeved poles are protected even in the harshest installation environments

Withstands Multiple Fires

Polesaver Plus ensures that the maximum benefits of any Polesaver Sleeve fitted are maintained, maximising the results of fitting Polesaver Sleeves to your utility poles

the polesaver PLUS Advantage

Polesaver Plus is only required in extreme loading and unloading environments

Full Effectiveness

Ensures each sleeve applied maintains its full effectiveness

Long lasting Protection

Polesaver Plus is UV stable and weatherproof; it remains on the pole throughout its life

Low Cost

Polesaver Plus provides a low cost and highly effective solution

Reduces Risk

Polesaver Plus eliminates any risk of sleeve damage before Installation

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