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Polesaver Sleeves Prevent Decay In Wooden Utility Poles

Ground-line decay accounts for over 95% of wooden utility pole failure. Polesaver Sleeves are proven to prevent ground-line decay and increase utility pole life by +20 years from the start.

Polesaver sleeve fitted to a wooden utility pole in the ground



Our rot prevention sleeves ensure total protection against ground-line decay in wooden utility poles. Used by utility companies worldwide, our sleeves are a tested and proven solution to hardening and strengthening your grid.

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Image showing the different between the problem and solution when Polesaver Sleeves are fitted to wooden utility poles


Polesaver sleeves are a patented dual-layer barrier system that is independently tested and proven to exclude all the factors required for wood decay.

Polesaver sleeve being applied to a wooden utility pole in a pole yard

Our sleeve’s dual-layer, full barrier technology is the key to increasing pole life by +20 years from the start

How do they work?

  1. Polesaver sleeves are non-toxic, composite barrier sleeves. They feature a dual-layer construction with an outer thermoplastic sleeve and inner thermoplastic liner.

  2. Upon heating, the liner melts, and the outer sleeve shrinks down tightly onto the pole to create a tough, air and watertight seal to the pole surface.

  3. This air and watertight seal permanently excludes all the factors necessary for wood decay to occur, whilst also preventing loss of wood preservative. Polesaver’s dual-layer technology makes conventional ground line decay impossible.



Polesaver Sleeve being applied by a utility company worker in at ENEO in Cameroon

Apply Sleeves

Quickly and easily apply sleeves to enable full barrier protection, excluding all the causes of ground-line decay, including oxygen, fungi & moisture

Create a Total Barrier

Sleeves make conventional ground-line decay impossible, thus ensuring pole strength is maintained over the life of the utility pole

Reduce Costs

Polesaver makes your poles last longer


Polesaver sleeves help your utility company achieve numerous benefits

+20 Years From The Start

Polesaver sleeves add +20 years to the life of the pole at the point of installation, no matter what type of wood preservative is used

Substantial Cost Savings

Polesaver sleeves are low in cost; they give substantial cost savings by reducing the requirement for inspections, pole remediation and replacement.

Improves Safety

Improves safety for staff who have to climb poles and the public exposed to the potential danger of falling poles and live cables

RFID Tags Built In

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) tags with a unique electronic serial number are embedded into each sleeve, allowing easy asset tracking and management


Based on independent EN252 field test data, Polesaver Sleeves are proven to increase pole life from the start.

Ground line decay means that typical wooden pole loses strength over time and once below the 50% strength threshold; pole replacement will be required.

Sleeves make conventional ground line decay impossible, thus adding +20 years to the pole life from the beginning.

Our sleeves are the only proven and independently tested the product on the market that ensures pole strength is maintained over-time at the critical ground line section, improving safety and grid reliability.

Used with DCOI wood preservative, Polesaver is a proven alternative to using Penta (Pentachlorophenol) preservative, giving an assured increase in pole life of 20 years or more.

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Graph showing how Polesaver increases wood utility pole life by 20 years from the start

(based on independent EN252 field test data, full report available on request)

Patented Polesaver Sleeves meet the requirements of a number of international standards such as BSI EN252 & A.W.P.A Barrier products

Polesaver’s dual-layer barrier technology is independently tested and proven by the BRE, Europe’s largest timber test organisation.

Sleeves are compatible with all wood preservatives, including CCA, Creosote, water-based copper, copper in oil, copper napthanate, Pentachlorophenol, or DCOI.

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ISO 9001:2015
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Tested to BSI EN252:2014 Standards


Meets The Req Of A.W.P.A. P20-18 BP1 Barrier Products

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The Polesaver App available on iOSAndroid includes everything you and your team need to apply and use Polesaver protection sleeves. All included video instructions are available offline for use in the field alongside our most frequently asked questions.

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Polesaver Sleeves are used and specified by utility companies around the globe in 30+ countries worldwide.
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Rovakaira, Polesaver customer case study
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ENEO, Polesaver customer case study
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