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Polesaver Sleeves Prevent Corrosion In Steel Utility Poles & Lighting Columns

Corrosion at the ground-line accounts for over 95% of steel utility pole failure and is one of the highest costs to utility companies.

Apply Polesaver Sleeves

Quickly and easily apply Polesaver Sleeves to prevent corrosion of steel poles at the ground-line

Improve Safety

Polesaver Sleeves dramatically reduce corrosion and failure of steel poles and lighting columns, improving pole safety by preventing falling poles

Reduce Costs

Polesaver sleeves significantly reduce inspection, repair and replacement costs, giving you an expected pole life of 50+ years

How Do Polesaver Sleeves Give 50+ Year Pole Life?

    • Polesaver sleeves are non-toxic, composite barrier sleeves, they feature a dual-layer construction with an outer thermoplastic sleeve and an inner, meltable bituminous liner.
    • Upon heating, the liner melts, and the outer sleeve shrinks down tightly onto the pole to create a tough, air and watertight seal to the pole surface.
    • This seal excludes all the factors necessary for corrosion to occur. Polesaver sleeve’s dramatically reduce the likelihood of corrosion occurring.

Benefits Of Using Polesaver Sleeves On Steel Utility Poles

Polesaver Sleeves prevent corrosion in steel utility poles, guaranteeing a 50 year pole life

Improves Public Safety

Improves safety for members of the public as the likelihood for pole failure is dramatically reduced

No Painting Required

Polesaver sleeves negate the need to paint or add extra layers of protection to steel poles, saving production time, cost and resource required.

Prevents Steel Pole Failure

Polesaver Sleeves prevent corrosion, one of the largest reasons for steel utility pole failure

Substantial cost savings

Polesaver sleeves are low in cost; they give substantial cost savings by reducing the requirement for inspections and replacement.

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Polesaver Sleeves Are Proven In Volume Use

Reduce Costs & Environmental Impact

Not only do Polesaver sleeves reduce your costs by increasing pole life, but they also help you achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions

Independently Tested

Polesaver Sleeves meet the requirements of A.W.P.A. P20-18 BP1 Barrier products and have been independently tested to the following standards: ASTM D2794 (1kg/m no fail)

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+44 (0) 1452 688094
(9-5pm GMT Monday – Friday)

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