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Polesaver RFID Asset Tracking

We offer utility companies asset management solutions to allow them to efficiently track, manage and maintain their assets

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Polesaver Sleeves Feature RFID Tags As Standard

RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags are an essential part of any asset management system and allow utility companies to keep track of all of their assets. Polesaver sleeves incorporate RFID tags with unique electronic serial numbers as standard.

With a handheld RFID reader, it is quick and simple to record valuable information about each installed pole including their exact location, unique serial number, installation date and supplier of the pole.

We also offer a range of software, reader and retrofit tags to allow full asset Tracking management of your poles and existing infrastructure/assets. This simple but highly effective technology allows full management of a utility company’s entire assets.

Polesaver RFID Asset Tracking Image Showing Smartphone attached to RFID reader pointed at a wooden utility pole with a polesaver sleeve on

What are the benefits of RFID asset tracking?

Serial Number Checking

  • The serial number of the sleeve can be checked using our online serial number checking portal. This allows you to ensure the sleeve is a genuine proven and tested Polesaver sleeve that complies with the test and performance standards as set out on the issued certificate of conformance (available on request).


  • Record the condition of your poles, insulators and cables on- site including photographic images
  • Transfer data to your asset management system
  • Schedule repairs and replacement as required
  • Use GPS location data to efficiently plan routes and schedules for maintenance crews


  • Know where your assets are located and their value
  • Check that the poles installed are from an approved supplier as specified and not inferior substitutes from an unapproved supplier


  • Hold equipment suppliers accountable in the event of problems with full traceability back to the source
  • Prevents pole substitution due to each pole being fitted with a unique secure identifier
  • Gives utility poles a lifetime traceability
  • Can be used on all your assets including poles installed with Polesaver as well as existing poles which can be identified using additionally supplied, easy to apply, RFID tags

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