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Polesaver Sleeves Are Guaranteed For 50 Years

The use of proven, high quality materials allows us to offer Polesaver Sleeves with a 50 year guarantee

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Image showing Polesaver Sleeve stood up but not on a pole. The sleeve is grey in colour, featuring a tough thermoplastic outer sleeve lined with a bituminous sealant.

7+ Million Sleeves Sold

Polesaver Sleeves 50 Year Guarantee

50 Year Guarantee


30+ Countries Worldwide

Polesaver Sleeves – 50 Year Guarantee

Polesaver composite barrier sleeves are made from long life, high quality materials

  • The outer, thermoplastic sleeve material has a proven track record in severe ground contact barrier applications for over 50 years.
  • The inner, thermoplastic meltable bituminous sealant of the sleeve is a sophisticated, complex blend of bitumen (asphalt) and over 20 other additives engineered to provide a durable and long-lasting seal to the pole surface

As a result of these proven, high quality materials, we can guarantee that Polesaver Sleeves will maintain a barrier to all the causes of decay for at least 50 years.

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Image showing a cut-away of a Polesaver sleeve on a wooden utility pole

Independently Tested

Polesaver Sleeves have been independently tested with zero reported failures to date. Our sleeves comply with the following standards:

    • European Standard EN252: 1989, ‘Field test method for determining the relative protective effectiveness of a wood preservative in ground contact’
    • ENV807 Wood preservatives. ‘Determination of the effectiveness against soft rotting micro-fungi and other soil inhabiting micro-organisms’
    • AWPA E1-97, American Wood-Protection Association: 2005.’ Standard method for laboratory evaluation to determine resistance to subterranean termites’.
    • Meets the requirements of A.W.P.A.  (American Wood Protection Association) standard ‘Barrier systems’  P20-13, BP-1.
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