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How Do I Apply Polesaver Sleeves To Wooden Poles?

Watch the video to learn how to apply Polesaver Sleeves to wooden utility poles.

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Wrap the sleeve around the pole

Peel & Stick

Peel off the self adhesive tape, pull taught and stick down onto the sleeve

 Heat Shrink

Heat-shrink the sleeve onto the pole, creating an air and watertight seal to the pole surface 

Sleeve Application Equipment Options

Professional Blow Torch

Easy to use trigger light gas powered blow torch for onsite or yard application of Polesaver sleeves

Polesaver Electric Hand Shrinker

Portable hand electric shrink unit for field application of Polesaver sleeves where a gas blow torch cannot be used. Switchable low power consumption for use with on-vehicle power inverters.

Polesaver Yard Shrinker

Rail mounted, electric, high power shrink machine for volume Polesaver sleeve application in pole yards

Watch Yard Shrink Video

Download The Polesaver App

All application and usage videos are available on the Polesaver app. With full offline functionality, the app includes everything you and your staff need to use and apply our products, click below to download it


How Do I Handle Sleeved Poles?

Watch the video to learn more. Learn more about how Polesaver Sleeves below

No Contact

The sleeve must not contact parts of transport equipment

How Do I Install Sleeved Poles?

Watch the video to learn more about how to install utility poles with Polesaver Sleeves applied

No Tamping With Heavy Machinery

Avoid using heavy machinery to tamp the soil close to the pole as the sleeve could be damaged

Use a Kidney Tamper

A kidney tamper is the ideal tool thanks to the precision a hand tool offers

Inspect After Installation

Inspect the sleeve to make sure there is no damage once the pole has been installed

How Do I Inspect Sleeved Poles?

Watch the video to learn more. Learn more about how Polesaver Sleeves below

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Cut an inspection hole in the sleeve at the desired point


Scrape away the bitumen and inspect as normal

Peel & Stick

Use Polesaver high performance inspection patch tape to re-seal the sleeve once finished

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