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Polesaver launches Termi-Guard anti-termite protection

Polesaver Termi-Guard anti-termite protection, is a new non-chemical physical barrier that protects wooden utility poles against subterranean termites.

Termite damage to wood poles costs the global utility industry billions of dollars each year. Polesaver, expert in the long-term protection of wooden utility poles, has launched Termi-Guard, a new anti-termite protection product. Termi-Guard is a non-chemical physical barrier that can be fitted to the pole before its installation in the ground.

Polesaver Termi-Guard being applied to a wooden utility pole

Termi-Guard provides protection for a worldwide issue

Termites are found on all continents except Antarctica, thrive in warm climates and feed on decaying plant material like wood. Various woods differ in their susceptibility to termite attack. Traditionally, the utility industry has used a range of chemical termiticides to protect wood poles from termite attack. With stricter environmental regulations in place in most countries, new protections methods that are equally efficient, but more environmentally friendly, have to be employed. 

Durable, marine grade stainless steel

Polesaver Termi-Guard installationTermi-Guard is made from durable 316 stainless steel. The marine grade stainless steel is known for its strength, durability and toughness, contains higher levels of chromium, molybdenum and nickel, and offers excellent corrosion resistance in the warm and humid climates where the termites are most prevalent.

The fine mesh construction effectively seals the post and prevents termite intrusion without the need for harmful chemicals.

The standard size product fits most common utility post sizes up to a diameter of 35cm (14 inches) and is 2.2 metres long, providing comprehensive coverage from beneath the ground to above-ground areas. Customised special sizes are available on request.

Safeguarding critical infrastructure

Utility poles are an integral part of critical infrastructure in every country across the globe. With increasing temperatures and higher rainfall, climate change is having a major impact on the longevity of wooden poles.

Warmer, more humid conditions result in faster growing and therefore less dense wood, as well as creating the ideal growing environment for fungi and pests like termites that can attack the wood. Protection like Termi-Guard can ensure that wood, the preferred material for poles worldwide, remains an efficient and sustainable choice for utility poles.

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