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Build Grid Resilience and secure GRIP Funding with Cutting-Edge Solutions

The energy landscape in the United States is evolving rapidly, and with the Grid Resilience and Innovations Partnership (GRIP) funding now in the final stages, it’s the perfect time for energy companies to embrace innovative solutions like Polesaver. The funding initiative, aimed at modernising and bolstering the U.S electrical grid, presents a golden opportunity for companies to enhance energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and contribute to the delivery of reliable, clean, and affordable energy to American families and businesses.

Building Grid Resilience in the Toughest of Circumstances

Polesaver aligns seamlessly with the programme’s objectives, supporting activities that specifically reduce the likelihood and consequences of impacts to the electric grid caused by extreme weather, wildfires, and natural disasters.

The initiative prioritises projects that generate the greatest community benefit, be it in rural or urban areas, by effectively minimising the likelihood and consequences of disruptive events.

Choose Products that Meet GRIP Funding Criteria

Polesaver’s innovative pole protection products meet stringent funding criteria which will allow networks to claim government grants when specifying it within proposals.

Polesaver Sleeves provide dual-layer rot prevention, creating an airtight and watertight seal on pole surfaces. This unique seal locks in wood preservatives, reduces moisture entry, and prevents decay at the upper sleeve. The non-toxic sleeves make ground line decay impossible, increasing pole life, maintaining strength, and enhancing safety and grid reliability whilst also reducing the requirement for costly pole inspections. Moreover, Polesaver minimises ground contamination by preventing the loss of biotoxins, ensuring a sustainable and reliable solution, even in extreme weather conditions, and is the only proven solution in the market. Independently tested, Polesaver sleeves maintain pole strength over time, enhancing safety and grid reliability. 

Polesaver fire fabric shown on a wooden utility pole in fieldPolesaver Fire Protection Fabric is used to protect utility poles from low-level bush, crop, grass and wildfires. It is proven in volume use and offers a substantial cost savings by significantly reducing the need to replace poles after bush and wildfires. The highly UV stable material is durable enough to withstand multiple fires, and is quick and simple to apply.

Request copies of independent reports on Polesaver Fire Fabric, including a full-scale field trial on over 1,000 poles

The Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships Deadline

Apply Polesaver Fire Fabric in minutesThose still to complete the trio of projects required to be eligible for funding have a limited time to consider Polesaver as part of their 2024 plans with the deadline for utilities set for April 17th.

Polesaver’s innovative solutions are already trusted and used in over 30 countries worldwide and are an ideal solution for upgrading your infrastructure, protecting your network, and supporting the evolution of the U.S. electrical grid – the future of energy innovation is now.

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