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Polesaver Blog

Polesaver Blog

Ensuring utility pole durability in a changing climate

Droughts, heat and tropical storms are not a new phenomenon. The extreme nature of them, influenced by climate change, is. Wood is still one of the best suited materials for utility poles, but as a natural material is susceptible to changes in weather conditions both during the growing phase of the tree and its life as a utility pole. Modern engineering takes into the account the long term structural integrity issues with wooden utility poles at the project design stage.

Polesaver Blog

Major European Utility Specifies Polesaver Protection

A major utility has recently specified the use of Polesaver sleeves to provide protection on its wooden utility poles. The utility based in Europe has traditionally used wooden poles treated with creosote wood preservative. Following the recent re-classification of Creosote by the European Commission as a class 1b carcinogen by the European Commission many European utilities are now looking at safe alternatives to creosote treatment…

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