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Major European Utility Specifies Polesaver Protection

A major utility has recently specified the use of Polesaver sleeves to provide protection on its wooden utility poles.

The utility based in Europe has traditionally used wooden poles treated with creosote wood preservative. Following the recent re-classification of Creosote by the European Commission as a class 1b carcinogen,  many European utilities are now looking at safe alternatives to creosote treatment.

Polesaver protected pole being lifted off the truck

Factor in the possibility of creosote bleeding where liquid creosote can bleed out of the pole surface under certain climatic conditions and the need for change is clear to protect both utility employees and members of the public from coming into contact with creosote.

There are a range of safer alternative wood preservatives based on copper as the main active fungicide. Utility concerns over the longer-term performance of these wood preservatives and attack by copper tolerant fungi have led many utilities to look additional protection options to provide protection from ground line decay at the ground line section of the pole where mechanical loading and the likelihood of decay over time is high.

Polesaver protected pole installation

The selection criteria set by the utility included a requirement for 40+ years pole life, improved safety and reduced environmental impact. Following an extensive review by the utility, Polesaver composite ground line barrier sleeves were selected for use with a copper in oil type wood preservative treated to a high retention level.

Installation of Polesaver sleeved poles commenced in 2021 with only small changes in work practices required the switchover has been trouble free with utility and sub-contractor employees commenting positively about the clean and odour free alternatives.


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Polesaver Sleeve shown applied to a pole in the ground

Polesaver Sleeve

Polesaver protection sleeves prevent ground rot in wood utility poles and increase pole life by +20 years from the start, regardless of wood preservative type.

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Polesaver Sleeve shown applied to a pole in the ground

Polesaver Sleeve

Polesaver ground-line barrier sleeves are a dual-layer, high-performance sleeve that prevents ground rot in wooden utility poles and gives an expected utility pole life of 50 years.

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