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The Ultimate Utility Pole Protection Solution

Polesaver Sleeves: The Ultimate Pole Protection Solution

In the world of utility infrastructure, reliability is everything. Every component plays a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted service to communities and businesses. When it comes to wooden utility poles, protecting them against decay and deterioration is paramount. While traditional preservatives offer a desired service life, they don’t guarantee long-term protection. That’s where Polesaver steps in with their innovative, patented ground line barrier sleeve which is effective, reliable and guaranteed to maintain a barrier to the causes of decay.

About Copper in Oil

Copper in Oil preservatives are superior to water-based copper alternatives and contain potent antimicrobial properties that protect against decay. The service life of treated poles however varies on the conditions they are exposed to, with excessive heat and moisture impacting the effectiveness of the preservative over time. Periodic preservative reapplication may be necessary to maintain optimal protection over time, and regulatory compliance is necessary to ensure safe handling and application. Against ever changing legislation however, these are the best preservatives on the market and offer a substantial desired service life for utility infrastructure.

Polesaver: Long-Term Utility Pole Protection

Wooden Utility pole protection - Polesaver Rot Guard explainer image

Polesaver Sleeves are a non-toxic ground line barrier product which provide a comprehensive solution to protect utility poles at the critical ground line section, adding 20 years to pole life. This extended lifespan not only reduces maintenance frequency but also translates into significant cost savings over time. Acting as a protective shield, Polesaver Sleeves safeguard utility poles from decay, moisture, and insect damage at their most vulnerable point. Moreover, they contribute to environmental sustainability by minimising ground contamination, making treated wooden poles suitable for use even in environmentally sensitive areas.

Double Down on Protection: Polesaver and Preservatives

For utilities committed to unparalleled protection and guaranteed performance, integrating Polesaver Sleeves with preservative-treated utility poles represents the pinnacle of proactive infrastructure management. By combining these cutting-edge technologies, utilities can substantially reduce long-term maintenance costs while simultaneously advancing their environmental objectives.

utility pole protection - Utility Pole Preservative options

In an era defined by reliability and sustainability, Polesaver offers a market-leading pole protection product which empowers utilities to secure their infrastructure and uphold high service standards for decades to come.

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